Stages to a Completed Painting

I am happy to announce, with the help from my wonderful husband, my website is finally functional and you can now see my galleries!  Hooray!

So to celebrate that milestone, now I am ready to start blogging and to start off this blog with my first real post, I wanted to share with you the stages in the creation of my most recent painting.

About a month ago I started a series of three acrylic paintings, each one 18 x 24 inches.  The third one I started was the first one I finished.  The other 2 are still in progress.

There are many layers to this painting and I stopped to take photos between the layers. For some reason, this painting seemed to be resistant to paint in the early stages.  It was the weirdest thing.


Stage 1

You can see in this stage how there are areas with no paint.  The first stage I focused on using warm colors– red and yellow.  The oranges are mixed.


Stage 2

In stage 2 I added cool colors- mainly blue and a bit more red to mix purples and yellow for greens.


Stage 3

In stage three I added darks and lights.  The painting wanted the paint by this point.


But by about layer 4, I felt like the painting really needed some phtalo green.  The painting just loved that!  It was a very dramatic change, adding that color.  I also added in some other colors to finish the piece.

This is a new way of painting for me.  Before I was much more of a realistic painter.  My latest paintings were inspired by a book called “Brave Intuitive Painting” by Flora Bowley.  She is an amazing and inspiring artist.  I am thrilled to be starting her e-course Bloom True today and look forward to more brave, intuitive paintings!



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