Marina Beach Park– Edmonds Off-Leash Dog Park

All the dogs in Edmonds, Washington are so very lucky to have an off-leash dog park right on the beach, so they can go splashing in the waves on a warm summer day like we had yesterday.

I had a wonderful time with other Plein Air painters from Gallery North yesterday at Marina Beach Park.

This is a painting done of the dog park at low tide.


Then I did a second watercolor painting from the top of the hill at Marina Beach Park, looking out on the water.


It was a wonderful morning for painting!

Plein Air Painting

The last two weekends have been absolutely perfect sunny weather here in Edmonds, Washington.  Last weekend I was able to go outside for some plein air painting both days.  Last Saturday I went with a friend to Brackett’s Landing.  I did 2 mini watercolor paintings from there.


This was the first painting at Brackett’s Landing, looking to the south.


This was the 2nd painting, looking to the north.  Although it wasn’t planned, when these 2 paintings are put together side by side, you get a panoramic view.

Last Sunday I met with the Seattle Urban Sketchers group in Edmonds.  That was an amazing experience!  People walking by were amazed at all the artists and several people asked what was going on.  There were at least 30, probably closer to 50 people all over sketching and painting.

My first attempt was to paint the very popular Edmonds Fountain.


I then shifted my focus slightly and painted El Puerto Mexican Restaurant.


This weekend on Saturday I was back in downtown Edmonds with the Gallery North Plein Air group.  I walked through the wonderful Farmer’s Market, bought some apricots, but decided to actually paint the scene at 5th and Dayton.


I love all of the flowers that grow on every corner!

Creation– The Process

I have just completed my latest painting, titled “Creation”.  Along the journey I took photos of each layer to document how I got from a blank canvas to the completed painting.  This is the next in my series of intuitive paintings and one of 6.  The others are still in progress.


Layer one was finger painted with my eyes closed using only warm colors– yellow, orange and red.


The 2nd layer added in cool colors–blues and greens.  I was trying to get a lot of variation in the way the paint was applied.


Layer 3– warming it up again.


Layer 4– adding black and white for value contrasts.


Adding translucent washes of color.


Layer 6– starting to enter some shapes.


Layer 7– being bold with orange.


Layer 8


Layer 9


Layer 10


The final painting!  Hope you enjoyed seeing the process.

Photos of My Studio

I always love seeing artists’ studios.  I thought I would share some recent photos of what’s been going on in my studio.  This is how it really looked at the time– I didn’t try to change a thing or “clean up”.  I am taking an e-course called Bloom True by Flora Bowley.  Right now I have 6 paintings in process, as you can see in the photos.  This style of intuitive painting is something completely different and new for me.  I’m also preparing for an art show in July called Art Splash.  So much has been going on for me lately.


The west wall


More of the west wall– sorry it’s blurry.


Again more of the works in progress.


Here is the north wall with window and all of my new paints on the windowsill.


Here you can see some of my watercolor cat paintings and a box of experiments waiting to happen.


This is the east wall, also known as my yarn wall.

Ronald’s Bog Plein Air Painting

Yesterday morning I met up with a friend at Ronald Bog in Shoreline for some plein air painting.  I did 3 mini paintings in watercolor.


This was the first of a beautiful willow tree.  I did not take a photo of the tree from this angle.


Here is the 2nd painting:


Here is a photo of the scene.  I painted the tree on the right and took artistic license a lot because I didn’t want to paint the busy street behind the trees.


I like the 3rd painting the best.  I guess I was warmed up by then.


Here is a photo of this location:


We both had a really wonderful and relaxing time painting.  I look forward to more painting this summer.  Hopefully we’ll have some more lovely days!

Stages to a Completed Painting

I am happy to announce, with the help from my wonderful husband, my website is finally functional and you can now see my galleries!  Hooray!

So to celebrate that milestone, now I am ready to start blogging and to start off this blog with my first real post, I wanted to share with you the stages in the creation of my most recent painting.

About a month ago I started a series of three acrylic paintings, each one 18 x 24 inches.  The third one I started was the first one I finished.  The other 2 are still in progress.

There are many layers to this painting and I stopped to take photos between the layers. For some reason, this painting seemed to be resistant to paint in the early stages.  It was the weirdest thing.


Stage 1

You can see in this stage how there are areas with no paint.  The first stage I focused on using warm colors– red and yellow.  The oranges are mixed.


Stage 2

In stage 2 I added cool colors- mainly blue and a bit more red to mix purples and yellow for greens.


Stage 3

In stage three I added darks and lights.  The painting wanted the paint by this point.


But by about layer 4, I felt like the painting really needed some phtalo green.  The painting just loved that!  It was a very dramatic change, adding that color.  I also added in some other colors to finish the piece.

This is a new way of painting for me.  Before I was much more of a realistic painter.  My latest paintings were inspired by a book called “Brave Intuitive Painting” by Flora Bowley.  She is an amazing and inspiring artist.  I am thrilled to be starting her e-course Bloom True today and look forward to more brave, intuitive paintings!


Hello world!

Hello World!  I just launched this new website today and I’m just setting it up and testing it out.