Creation of a New Series

I recently created a new series of 9 mini 4 x 4 inch paintings.  I love to see the process of creation.  To be able to share the creation of this series with you, I took photos after each layer, except towards the end, when I was so wrapped up in the making that I totally forgot.  After each layer I mixed the paintings up and rotated them, so they aren’t in the same place as the prior photo.  See if you can find each one from photo to photo.




Starting with black– something I’ve never tried before!


Adding some primary colors…


Layer 3 included white and more colors.


Layer 4


Layer 5 I added more black and line elements.


Layer 6

Step8Layer 7 wasn’t really as orange as it looks in this photo.

At this point I forgot to take any more photos, until the end, and as you can tell from the photos, the paintings change quite a bit between the layers.  The final paintings look very different from this photo.  I have one more group photo of them when they are done, but that one will be revealed later.  The series will be on display at the Art Splash show at the Art Works building in Edmonds this weekend.

ArtSplash 2016 Is Here!

I am happy to announce that tonight is the start of the 2016 ArtSplash show!  I will have 15 never shown before paintings in the show.  The show kicks off tonight as part of the Edmonds Art Walk from 5-8.  It continues on throughout the weekend.  It’s located in the Art Works building and 2nd and Dayton in Edmonds.  There will be live music and lots of amazing art.  I hope to see you there!

ARTSplash_Invitation (3)

Art Splash 2014

It’s time for the annual Art Splash Show!  There are so many very talented artists and diverse styles.  Many of my colorful and quirky creatures are there, waiting to meet you.  The show is all this weekend, from 10am-5pm today and tomorrow at 2nd Ave S. and Dayton in downtown Edmonds.  Please stop by and check it out if you are in the area.

I was mentioned in My Edmonds News with a photo of me and some of the creatures.  Here is a link to the article about Art Splash if you’d like to read more about it.


Day 8 of the Challenge

Well, I completed the first week of my challenge of getting up an hour early every day to work on creatures.  I was hoping to finish everything I started in week 1 within a week, but it took me an extra day.  I did complete all of the monsters that were started last week (and before), so tomorrow I get to start new ones!

Here are their mug shots:


Please leave a comment and let me know which one you like best and what you think their names should be.

A New Challenge

A while back I challenged myself to paint a watercolor cat every day for 30 days.  It was a lot of fun and kept me productive.

I decided I wanted to take on another productive challenge.  Every day, including today, I will get up extra early to make something before I have to go to work.

I wasn’t sure how it would work out or if I would be too tired or not creative at that time of the morning, but I actually woke up before the alarm, excited to get going and all sorts of ideas came to me, and continued throughout the day.

I started with the green monster I’d been sort of stuck on for a while.  Today he spoke to me and told me what to do next.  I tried a new experiment with the others by starting with the black and will fill in with color later.  The ones I made previously I started with the color.  I had no idea what I was going to do before I started, just intuitively did what felt right.  It was so FUN!  I was energized all day and it was a great way to spend a Monday.

Here’s a picture of the work in progress for today.


Now to quote Dr. Seuss, “Today was good.  Today was fun.  Tomorrow is another one.”

Getting Unstuck by Going Within and Starting With Love

For a very long time I had artist’s block and felt creatively stuck. I thought if I had just one more art-instructional book, if I took one more class, if I just watched one more video or listened to one more inspirational speaker I would somehow find all the answers to the mysteries of life and it would all become crystal clear for me and I’d be able to create the great works I was meant to. I kept searching, searching, searching– always outside of myself– and never finding it.

Then I realized something very important.

I wasn’t finding it because I was looking in the wrong place. The real place where this can be found is not “out there”. It is inside of each and every one of us.

I had a dream the other night that brought this home for me even more. One of my favorite movies is The Wizard of Oz. In my dream I was wearing very heavy, clunky black shoes. I had a conversation with Glinda the Good Witch very similar to this scene near the end of the movie.

In the dream I was concerned about not being able to make it work because my shoes weren’t ruby slippers, but these big, heavy clunky things. She said, “It doesn’t matter what shoes you have. The power is within you always.”

So I have been looking within myself and found that THE most important thing to me is LOVE. This is where it all starts and ends. There really is no other reason to live than to live for love and I believe this is also where true creativity comes from.

So I invite you to pause for a moment to go within yourself, to feel the love that’s within you and to do whatever you can to share and express that love to the world, and I will do the same.

Travelling the World in a Pig-Shaped Zeppelin

I recently discovered a website called  They offer a free workbook with many questions to consider to help you find your true passion in life.  One of the questions was this:  You won $158 million in the lottery.  It’s 3 months later.  What are you going to do today?

When I asked my son this question, he said he would be travelling the world in his pig-shaped Zeppelin.

pig zeppelin

That sounds like fun to me!  I’ve always wanted to see more of the world.

In the meantime, wishing everyone a Happy Easter!

Easter pig

Making New Friends

It’s been quite a long time since I last wrote.  I’ve been busy, but just not posting to my blog.  I will hopefully be posting on a more frequent basis now.  Instead of going back and trying to fill in all the things I’ve done since I last wrote, I’m just going to start with what I’m doing now. One of my new year’s resolutions was to make many new friends this year, and by that I mean it in quite a literal way.  I will MAKE them.  Here are photos of the friends I’ve made so far this year– at least those of the cloth/fabric, paint and stuffing variety.  My idea was to make doodles come to life.  Which is your favorite?





My Latest Creature

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about making a series of… what shall I call them??… monsters? creatures? soft sculptures? dolls? stuffed guys? Anyway, here is my first experimental new friend. He hasn’t told me his name yet. What do you think?

Art Splash 2013

I am so excited that the Art Splash show is almost here!  If you’d like to see some of the paintings I’ve been sharing with you recently in real life, please come to Edmonds this weekend and see the Art Splash show.  I am one of about 30 artists in this show.  If you’d like to get a sneak preview of some of the other artists, check out this video.

ARTSplash is a two-day art show exhibiting original art by established and emerging artists. No admission and parking is free.

Show Hours: Saturday, July 20 thru Sunday, July 21, 10 AM – 6 PM

Location: Artworks, 201 Second Ave. South, Edmonds